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Advanced Lawn Care creates beautiful lawns and maintains professional landscaping for commercial and residential clients in North Central Wisconsin.
Our Mission

Lawn care that comforts & inspires

Advanced Lawn Care helps commercial and residential clients who are struggling to develop and maintain beautiful yards and landscaping, by creating customized lawn solutions so they can realize the full potential of their business or home.

At the heart of our success are the relationships with our clients that earn us long-term business based on a commitment you won't find from the big guys.

The most important thing to us is proving to you that we are worth more than you pay us. The only way we can do that is by delivering an amazing result that you will be proud to show off.

Mark Leichtman | Principal Owner
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Green grass is only the beginning of what you'll love

Have you ever felt like you were just a number and treated as such by your current lawn care company? Our clients know that a handshake and a personal relationship with your service providers make all the difference in the quality of work produced.

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Advanced Lawn Care will treat you like a family member.

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“I promise you are going to love Your Yard your yard again.”

Mark Leichtman
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your yard will be the envy of your neighbors

Residential lawn care

Advanced Lawn Care helps homeowners realize the yard they have always dreamed of with a collaborative process that examines your specific grass's needs and develops a custom plan of attack to beautify your space.
Impress your clients before the walk in the front door

Commercial lawn care

Advanced Lawn Care helps homeowners realize the yard they have always dreamed of with a collaborative process that examines your specific grass's needs and develops a custom plan of attack to beautify your space.

“You did a beautiful job; the lot looks great.”

Client | Dorchester, WI

Proven Techniques

Essential lawn treatments for healthy lawns

Certain necessary lawn chores help keep yards strong and healthy. Healthful lawns not only look exceptional, but they benefit your family and the environment.

For example, a dense lawn with tightly grown grass is one of the best ways to prevent water runoff. Additionally, vibrant grasses provide a habitat for insects and feeding grounds for birds, both of whom play important roles in your lawn's wellness and harmony.

While each of these lawn care responsibilities may differ somewhat for individual yards, they are wholly essential to promote healthy grass growth. Some lawn treatments are ongoing most year round. Others may only be required once or twice a year.
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Mowing is one of the most critical processes to maintaining a healthy lawn. In addition to helping your property look well-kept, mowing helps keep grass alive and growing.

We embrace the one-third rule of mowing by adjusting our mower blades to only cut the top third of your lawn, thus encouraging stronger roots.
Pre-emergent and targeted weed control
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Proactively deterring weeds from germinating in your lawn helps support proper grass health. Lawns with dense grass make it challenging for weeds to persist. Having a deeply rooted lawn with healthy grass can be your best defense in controlling weeds.

We use a pre-emergent herbicide to prevent weed seeds from germinating, but we must apply these pre-emergent herbicides before you notice the weeds.

If you find weeds already established in your yard, let us know before we arrive, and we will use post-emergent herbicides.  

It can be daunting to attack weeds one year to have them grow back the next. To alleviate the stress of solving your weed dilemma on your own, let Advanced Lawn Care conduct a lawn analysis to find the right treatment method that will get your weed problem under control.

Whether you're dealing with broadleaf weeds, dandelions, chickweed, or crabgrass, Advanced Lawn Care can change your yard into a weed-free zone and stop the growth of more weeds in the future.
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Consistent fertilizer applications give your grass the nourishment it requires to become healthy and vibrant. Applying fertilizer necessitates accurate timing and examination of what type of fertilizer your lawn needs.

We discover which fertilizer is suited for your grass type to keep your yard in good condition with our lawn analysis.
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Heavy foot traffic and severe winter conditions can leave your lawn choked for nutrients causing dead spots and thinning turf since dense thatching and compacted soils may have increased over time.  

Aeration is a solution to these issues that will create new pathways where essential elements can trickle into the lawn. Our aeration process will improve your grass's health by decreasing the soil compaction, thatch development, and water runoff.
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In combination with our aeration service, we advise overseeding your lawn, essentially spreading new grass seed over enduring turf. Overseeding allows the new grass seed to reach deep into healthy soil beneath the lawn's surface, making the grass thicker and filling in marred turf areas.

When your lawn is full and robust, it's outfitted to combat insects and diseases while simultaneously generating advantageous growing conditions.
soil amendment
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Soil should have a suitable balance of acidity and alkalinity. Typically, lawns are their fittest when the soil is somewhat acidic, often having a pH level within 5.5 and 6.5.

Still, too much acidity can be detrimental to grassroots because it can hinder them from receiving essential nutrients like phosphorus and iron.

Without a proper pH balance, your lawn may not reap the full advantages from lawn applications like fertilization or aeration, and your yard may be more in danger of contracting lawn diseases.

When you work with Advanced Lawn Care, we test your lawn's pH levels and adjust the pH balance of your soil using lime, sulfur, or other micronutrients, so you can sustain rich, healthy soil and increase access to nutrients for your grassroots.

“Thank you for the work you do on my yard. It looks very good.”

Client | Medford, WI

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“Mark is reliable and conscientious, friendly and hard-working. I will continue to use Mark's lawn care service as long as he is available.”

Marcia, Abbottsford
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